The “Kalyana” (Hindi) is being published since 1927, The first issue, brought out in January each year, is a special number devoted to a particular subject. In the past, Hindi translations of a number of Puranas have been published as special issues. “Kalyana” contains articles by old and contemporary, eminent Indian saints and scholars. Besides there are special columns like – “Read, Understand and Do”, “To Think About”, etc. It has approximately 2,50,000 subscribers. The “Kalyana-Kalpataru” (English), started in 1934, has its subscription year from October to September. Articles of various saints and scholars are incorporated into this magazine. The in-house magazine “Yug-Kalyana” provides information about latest releases, price-list changes, and announcements of the Press. This is especially useful for book-sellers. In addition, it contains short, useful material for self-upliftment.